About Me / Emmy

As a child, growing up in the south (born in Richmond, VA), I was always drawn to creative endeavors. (And swimming in the pool.) But it wasn’t until soon after graduating from UGA in 1992 that I became impassioned with a compelling desire to paint.

While I’d studied to be a writer & photojournalist (receiving a Bachelor’s in Fine Art & Journalism), once the fire was lit in my heart, painting took all my dedicated focus.

Luckily I attracted a full-time job as an artist assistant. While learning and practicing painting techniques for 3 years at DelJou Art Group, I spent all my spare time developing a unique style of my own.

Once achieved, I began successfully showing my paintings in clubs and galleries in Atlanta. I continued on to exhibit throughout the south, and had solo shows in L.A. & New York City. I’ve been happily creating & exhibiting my original artwork for well over twenty years now.

Presently settled in Savannah, Georgia, I draw much inspiration from the city’s unique charm & beauty. I moved here in March of 2014, leaving behind the increasing traffic of Atlanta (home for 20 years). I love taking daily walks in the historic district and marveling at the amazing trees.

During my first visit here I felt a bit like Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax… the way he felt when he saw the Truffula Trees. He said, “All my life I’d been searching for trees such as these.” This is exactly how I felt. The Live Oaks are glorious and make this such a special place to live and call home.

Connecting to nature is very important to me and my well-being. I’m thrilled to also be near the ocean… a quick drive and I’m dipping my toes in. This deeper connection to nature that I have here in Savannah puts me in a peaceful state of mind so that the art can easily flow.