Artist Statement

Creating art has always been my passion.

I love to paint and all the challenges it brings me. It’s quite thrilling to have a vague idea in my minds’ eye, filter this through my heart & then allow it to come into clear focus with paint. Each new painting becomes a journey of sorts, taking on a life of its own.

At the same time it’s becoming something so familiar to me that I know when I’ve arrived at completion… when to finally set the brush down. Sometimes this process is surprisingly quicker than I could ever imagine and sometimes exactly the opposite.

Patience tends to be the ruling factor… but ideally it’s all about simply having fun and letting the creative process flow. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being in the zone, in the flow, and know that this is when the creative process (& life is general) is oh so enjoyable.

Making art is a series of choices, like life itself. If I let go, exercise decisiveness & have faith in my decisions, the painting easily flows and surprises me with new lessons, s sense of fulfillment and an image that has a good chance of making someone else happy too.

I’ve always loved painting harmonious depictions of love… images of women, couples, animals & birds. I’m inspired by lightheartedness, whimsicality & a sense of humor. The wonders of nature and its unfathomable beauty will always continue to influence and energize me and my art. It’s definitely the ultimate teacher.

I’m also moved by the sheer power of color, the feeling of movement (especially dancing), & striving to find a pleasing balance for the eye to behold. Balance tends to be a common theme of mind as a Libra. I paint not only because it brings me great pleasure, but I thrive on sharing my art with others and sharing this feeling with them.